Saúl Santos Díaz, Canary Islands (Spain) 1979

In the year of 2001., step by step, he began his adventure in the world of photography, combining training and education with works for press, book editorials, tourism companies and different publishers from all over Canary Islands.

In 2006. he moved to Madrid, where he started his professional career and made his dreams come true. After finishing prestige college C.E.V. (Centro de Estudios del Video y la Imagen),he became professional photographer and a superior technician of artistic photography.

During those years, he traveled through many places in a national region, and with his camera captured magnificent landscapes, portrates, cityes… Meanwhile, he had a few exhibits in a different comunity rooms in Madrid, which reached great success.

From 2007., he visited Buenos Aires, than Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia, with aim to make stunning reportages, placing emphasis on Patagonia and mountain range of the Andes. The fruit of all his labor are huge number of photos and publications for world wide known magazines and dailies, such as: El Pais, El Mundo, ABC y La Vanguardia, Vision Salvaje, Viajes de Nacional Geographic, Lonely Planet, GEO, Viajeros, Natural, Integral, El Mundo de los Pirineos, Ronda Iberia, Oxigeno, Mas Viajes, Turismo y Aventura  from Spain, than  Digital Camera from England, Ateko from Poland, Unike Imagen from Taiwán,  Popular Photography & Imaging from New York (USA), Photographer from Ukraine, PhotoArt from Czech republic, Level from Uruguay, Argentina Discovered y Chile Discovered from Australia, Picsean Travel from India, Foto Mundo, Time Out, Extremo Patagonia,  Recorriendo la Patagonia and Diario El Clarin from Argentina.

On his way home, in 2008., he received new offer – to work on the maps construction for his country in Madrid.
In the same time, he worked for Travel and promotion service on Canary Islands.
Among all, he’s also an
co-author of the books: “Eso es la Palma” and “Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente”.

In 2011. he continued  his work in South America, thanks to support of Secretary of turisam and some magazine publishers, cruise companies and Tourism department of Chile, for make their own promotion.

A current year 2012. brings many new projects, such as educating young talents all over the world (in Indonesia, Etiopia, Nepal…).
His work nowadays is exposed in diferent national/international halls,  like part of the group or 
self-contained exhibitions.